Loren founded So meme cosmetics in 2018 due to her love and excitement for new products, she became inspired to create a cosmetic brand, that professionals would love. With her wealth of experience and knowledge gained throughout her career, she decided to follow her dream and so, So meme was born.

Loren’s first experience of having anything “semi-permanent” started at the age of 3 years old when her mum was a practicing Nail technician and applied a gold nail extension to her little finger nail and It was love at first sight. By the age of 19 whilst operating her own Nail and Beauty Salon, Loren was also studying for her degree at The London College Of Fashion.

After achieving her degree, she soon realized her passion was for the world of beauty and cosmetics. Loren decided to study to become an Educational Ambassador for a world leading Nail Brand Company. When Loren graduated as an Educational Ambassador she then joined the family business, a chain of Nail Academies and Distribution center.

Loren’s Nail skills and techniques led her to win several national competitions, and Educators awards. This allowed her to travel across the globe working behind the scenes, as a nail artist at world renowned fashion show, and fashion house brands incorporating nail designs to sync with fashion collections.

New family business developments led Loren to enter into the exciting world of lashes and brows “Instant Beauty Productions.” Joining with their Chemists and Manufacturing Partners in the UK, they had a break through developments for producing lash and brow adhesive systems. Loren helped to produce many new Innovative cutting edge formulas. Which are being used by professionals worldwide designed with the global lash and brow expert in mind.
UV Nail Gel Eureka moment
A breakthrough for UV Nail Gel was discovered. Finally, a one-step manicure! No more base or top coat needed. No more Acetone! To remove. No more sticky residue to remove, just beautiful mirror shine flawless nails. The treatment time is radically reduced by at least 30 minutes especially the removal which leaves the nails beautifully conditioned. No nail damage. Reduced workload. Increased profit. Increased clients in a working day.

SO|MEME is a NEW brand filled with a collection of amazing semi-permanent products for lashes, brows and nails for today’s Instant beauty trends.

Designed to make life easier for the professional therapist with easy smooth formulas that are safe to use. Designed for the client who wants to look fabulous ALWAYS!

So meme cosmetics has a slight edge that are unique, affordable with long lasting wear, and homecare in mind.

So meme cosmetics are easy to apply and easy to remove. Vegan free and cruelty free not tested on animals!!

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